Jodie Whittaker Discusses Her Favorite Episode of “Doctor Who”

Jodie Whittaker has had a long run as the shape-shifting time lord, beginning on Christmas Day in 2017 and lasting three seasons under showrunner Chris Chibnall (a total matching her predecessors David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi). Though she’ll be departing the program after a trilogy of special episodes this year, she’s left an indelible mark on the renowned series – and not just as the first female Doctor, as Tennant did in 2010.

She reflected on her time in the TARDIS with co-star Mandip Gill on Empire’s Pilot Podcast, recalling some of her most memorable moments and revealing her favorite Doctor Who episode.

It’s no surprise that the Doctor is separated from her TARDIS and must go toe-to-toe with an alien assassin in “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” her Sheffield-based Who debut.

What more did Jodie Whittaker share?

Jodie Whittaker
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“Demons of the Punjab,” on the other hand, was chosen by Sikh actor Gill, who described it as “very dear to [her] heart” and focused on the events leading up to India’s partition. “It is history for many people in our country and around the world. To be honest, I couldn’t believe we’d pulled it off because we shot in Asia and had a largely Asian cast “She clarifies. “I was ecstatic that we’d pulled it off, especially as it happened while I was still in Doctor Who.”

Whittaker, on the other hand, reflects on some of the show’s most startling scenes. The actor extolled her bond with the show’s cast and crew, calling it a “brotherhood and sisterhood on set.” She continues, saying:

“I’ve been spoiled since the minute I arrived, and it’s the sweetest feeling to be accepted into the family — both the staff and the guys. It’s the aspect of the job that makes me sad that it’s coming to an end because while every profession has its own set of obstacles, we’re all so lucky to be able to go to work and pretend. And we do it with people who are a joy to be around. And to be able to do it for such an extended period of time.”

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