Kanye West Has Bought A Villa Worth $4.5 Million In The Same Street As Kim and Kids!

Kanye West bought a home on the same street as Kim Kardashian. Marriage is something that is always considered to be a beautiful part of life. But what if it doesn’t work after some years, then? Then it becomes the worst part of their lives.

We have seen many actors, models, and singers who were once happy in their marriage but now they are heading towards divorce or have got divorced. From the split to the custody of their children, it becomes quite hectic for them. One such couple was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian who is now totally happy with her bae Pete Davidson is now enjoying her life the most. She has moved on swiftly and beautifully. On the other hand, Kanye West who at once tried to move on but failed miserably. After the split of the couple, Kanye has tried to get back her Kimberley, he confessed it publically but failed.

Now it seems that Kanye West wants to live closer to Kim and the kids. Kanye is the father of four kids: North is the eldest one and now she is eight years old, Then six-year-old Saint and the two more kids, Psalm and Chicago. Kanye has bought a house near the house Kim. He has bought a house worth $4.5million and he bought it in the same street as Kim. In this new house of Kanye West, there are five bedrooms and four bathrooms. He bought this house on 20 December but it became news on 27 December.

What does Kanye West say About Buying a Home Beside of Kim Kardashian?


The couple was married for almost six years but due to some reason, they headed towards divorce in February. In March it was clear that Kim and Kanye are no more a husband and wife. Kim has even asked for legal custody of children North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm.

She opened about her divorce from Kanye in Keeping Up With Kardashians where she said that it was hard to manage four children by herself and Kanye was almost out of the station and not helping her. She in fact called her marriage something like unsalvageable. Kim is now dating twenty-eight-year-old Pete Davidson, the host of SNL.

The couple is seen almost every week together, enjoy lunch date or movie date or dinner date together with each others family. We have seen them in Beverly Hills as well as in Staten Island where they enjoyed dating together.

When it comes to Kanye then he has dated one or two times after his divorce but he missed Kim always. Recently this rapper has changed the lyrics of his song called Runaway in which he was calling Kim back to him. He writes that he needs Kim or his Kimberly to run back to him: “more specifically, Kimberley”.

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