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Amelia Hamlin Shared She “Lost Her Sense of Self” After Breaking-up with Scott Disick

Amelia Hamlin

After her breakup with Scott Disick in 2021, Amelia Hamlin claims she ‘completely lost’ her sense of identity. Amelia Hamlin reflects on the previous year. This year as 2021 comes to an end, the TWENTY YR OLD model reflected on the previous months, saying that she “totally lost” her sense of identity.

She wrote alongside a slideshow of photos from 2021 saying she gained her sense of identity now after a breakup

It was also the year when Hamlin and Scott Disick called it quits after almost a year of the relationship. In October 2020, the 2 were initially joined. The ex-couple split in September, shortly after Disick allegedly sent Direct messages about his ex, Kourtney Kardashian, and Travis Barker’s romance.

Both Hamlin’s mother, Lisa Rinna, and father, Harry Hamlin, have spoken about her affair with the 38-year-old reality star in the months following their divorce.

What more did Amelia Hamlin share?

Amelia Hamlin
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Throughout a late November broadcast of Watch What Occurs Live With Andy Cohen, the Seventy-year-old star answered a fan’s question about the cause for the split and whether he was secretly delighted that his kid was no more with Scott.

Harry posed the query “Interesting,” he observed, then added, “Look, Amelia’s doing terrific.” She’s living in the city of New York and enjoying the time of her life by herself. I’m not sure, I didn’t draw the curtain, and I’m not sure what occurred there. To put it simply, I’m relieved she’s on her own.”

During an October W W H L episode, Lisa also commented on the divorce, questioning whether the purported DM issue had a role in the breakup.

“So, I don’t believe that was very helpful. I believe that there is seldom a single cause why individuals part up “she stated openly. “Now is the time to heal, you know. Everyone needs to recover right now.”

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