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Century: Age of Ashes Launch Date, Maps, Gameplay and Other Details

Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes Updates: Here’s all you need to know about Playing Multiplayer Dragon Battle Game.
There has never been a wider selection of solid competitive multiplayer games than there are now, and thankfully, there are plenty of different types of experiences they offer.

Coming Soon, Playing Century: Age of Ashes will add another game, which will be launched soon and is very promising since it was first revealed. As its release is approaching we will see here some important details that you need to know about the game.

Century: Age of Ashes is a competitive multiplayer game, but it does not fit right into your regular genre. This is a dragon battle game in which each player has different modes, classes, and lots of customization as a rider controlling a different dragon, all of which we are going to talk about here. According to developer Flaving, it focuses on fast action, so if pulled correctly, it will provide a very unique experience.

One thing about Century: the word Age of Ashes itself is compelling to draw a solid player base, the truth is that it’s going to be free to play, so that means it will start quickly. Creates a stable community. Of course, you need to be smart about the post-release support gate for the Playing Game and how they choose to monetize it. For example,

Century: Hope the Ashes follow in their footsteps.

Century: Age of Ashes

Century: When the Age of Ashes begins, it will have three modes ranging from 3v3 to 6v6. One of these is Spoils of War, which is used to steal gold from dangerous creatures in the arena, to steal gold from the enemy team, to protect their own nest from being looted, and to handle various dynamic events that take place throughout the competition.

In the beginning, the third and final mode of the game is Gates of Fire, which is very interesting in catching the flag. The two teams will compete against each other in holding a flag, and if you fly through one of the special gates in the arena, your team will receive points. It’s a simple and effective concept, and the tight dynamics and solid graphic design make it work well enough – so we hope the game has that strength.

Something else that could inject some genre into the century: The Campgrounds of the Age of Ashes are character classes. When the game starts there will be three classes, each with its unique abilities and strengths. Foremost among these are the Ironwind-riding wildcards, described as a line of nightguards who use their mount powers to protect their allies at all costs. One of their abilities is to see them rush to the aid of an ally and give them a temporary shield, while at the same time healing them and reducing their fireball cooling.

While Windguard is more focused on class support, players who want to be quick and stealthy will probably want to play as Phantoms. Known as the Knightsnagers, their dragons are described as mysterious, spiked beasts. Phantoms can be used to temporarily turn invisible, which can be used to get out of tight situations or to knock down unsuspecting enemies.

Of course, since Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play game, it goes without saying that it also includes micro-transactions. Fortunately, developer Flaving has confirmed that all microtransactions in the game are for beauty products only, and many cosmetics are available in the game store. We hope the game does not lock in many of its best customization products behind microtransactions, as it will cause a major setback.

A competitive multiplayer title, Century: As you might expect from Age of the Ashes, there are plenty of customization options for players to dive into, however, these are all cosmetics. Level up will open up new customization options

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