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Yellowjackets Release Date, Cast, Plot, Episode and What we know so far

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Yellowjackets Updates: “Yellowjackets” is a television drama series created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson. It was first released on 14 November 2021 and has since gone viral among teens across the world. Its first episode was named Pilot which was directed by Karyn Kusama & was released on 14 November 2021.

The story revolved around a plane crash with 4 teenagers involved in it Sophie Nelisse, Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci, and Juliette Lewis & are now lost in an unknown wilderness & they have to survive on their own.

Sophie Nelisse plays the role of adult Shauna & Melanie Lynskey plays its teenage version, Tawny Cypress plays the role of adult Taissa Turner and Jasmin Savoy Brown plays its teenage version, Ella Purnell plays the character Jackie, Juliette Lewis plays the role of adult Natalie and Sophie Thatcher playing its younger version, Christina Ricci playing the character of an adult version of Misty and Sammi Hanratty plays its younger version, Steven Krueger plays Ben Scott & Warren Kole as adult Jeff Sadecki and Jack Depew play its teenage role.

Yellowjackets total number of Episodes

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Yellowjackets have a total of 6 episodes out of which only 1 has been released. Below is the table about the Name, Release date & Director, of all the episodes about Yellowjackets.

Name of the Episode       Release Date                      Director
Pilot                              14 November 2021,                Karyn Kusama
F Sharp                        November 21, 2021,               Jamie Travis
The Dollhouse            November 28, 2021,              TBA
Bear Down                  December 5, 2021,                 TBA
Blood Hive                  December 12, 2021,               TBA
Saints                           December 19, 2021,               TBA

Episode 1 of Yellowjackets focuses on a soccer team that was planning a trip to Seattle in 1996 for a national tournament. There is some pressure being put on Allie, a rising freshman, before the trip. Allie’s leg is broken when Taissa Turner tackles her during practice. Taissa and Shauna Sheridan fight at a party, and Jack steps in to stop it.

After boarding a private plane on the day of the trip, the group crashes, leaving the survivors stranded in the wilderness for 19 months. A few of those members joined forces to form cannibalistic clans during that time. Shauna is approached by a journalist interested in her wilderness survival story in 2021, while Taissa is shown to run for public office and Misty is employed as a nurse. In the meantime, Natalie leaves rehab, having decided to “reconnect” with some old friends.

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