Ryan Reynolds Responds to Who Would Win Amongst Black Adam, Wonder Woman and Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds Updates: Action thriller film Red Notice is here which has been directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The star cast in the main lead are Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds and in the film, we see them have a face-off but also be a team to recover some art which was stolen.

The three stars play the role of superheroes in the other franchises. Dwayne Johnson is set to appear for the first time as Black Adam in the coming month of July in DC Films’ movie of the same name, while Gal Gadot has played Wonder Woman in five of DC films and is presently preparing to star in Wonder Woman 3.

And as for Ryan Reynolds, he played Deadpool in two films, several of which were set for shorts, and is set to star in Deadpool 3.

What Ryan Reynolds Says About Black Adam Vs. Wonder Woman Vs. Deadpool?


Matt Cohen from the ET has spoken with all the three stars at the Red Notice premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday as to who would win in a fight between all the superheroes as they are all mighty and Ryan Reynolds said, “Black Adam, we don’t really know.

We can’t rush to judgment before all the facts are in there,” I guess that’s going to be a weird fight; I’m kind of unkillable for I don’t know what Wonder Woman’s status is there in the unkillable department — though she seems fairly unkillable.”

The fans can anticipate the on-screen chemistry of the stars in the film Red notice.

One of the stars from the film Ryan also shared and spoke that, “I think just seeing the dynamic between the three of us. We’ve all known each other for years and years and years; there’s a real kind of natural chemistry there that you can’t make up. It’s just a real old-fashioned, swashbuckling comedic adventure.”

The film, Red Notice streams on the 5th of November Friday, on Netflix.

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