Top 5 Celebrities Who Kept Their Pregnancy Private!

Top 5 celebrities

Top 5 celebrities pregnancy Update: In Hollywood, it is a saying that it is difficult here to keep your life private. Because of so many fans and followers of the celebrity who belongs here. We can call them stalkers instead of fans because they keep every minute detail of the stars they follow. So it is quite difficult for the stars to manage their private and professional life.

Sometimes they try to manage while sometimes they fail. There are lots of celebrities who managed to keep their life private. But amongst all the worst part is they like to keep their pregnancy private and it’s quite difficult.

Top 5 celebrities: Who Kept Their Pregnancy Private!

Somehow they are successful to manage these pregnancy things from Scarlett Johansson to Kylie Jenner every big star tries to hide things from fans because they believe they too have a private life. So we have brought you a list of Top 5 stars who managed to hide their pregnancy from their fans and followers.

1st- Kylie Jenner

•Back in 2018 model Kylie Jenner put her entire pregnancy in private from fans. She usually keeps her things private and she successfully kept her first pregnancy too. She announced her pregnancy by sharing a video of 11minutes. After some time her first kid Stormi arrived. In the video, she gave a glimpse of 9months and her struggles in those times.

2nd- Scarlett Johansson

Top 5 celebrities

•Scarlett Johansson announced her first baby in 2021. She was married to Colin Jost in 2020 which also took privately and she has invited only a few guests to her wedding. She gave birth to a boy who was named Cosmo.

3rd- Jessica Chastain

• Jessica Chastain announced her baby in 2018 with her partner Passi de Preposulo. She revealed later that she had her baby with surrogacy.

4th- Mindy Kaling

• Back in 2020 Mindy Kaling revealed about she had a baby boy named Spencer. She announced this news one month after her delivery. She had her baby with Stephen Colbert and she tried to keep things private and she was successful completely.

5th- Amber Heard

• Amber Heard became the most controversial start of 2021 and also she luckily had a baby in 2021 with surrogacy. The baby was a girl and she named her Oonagh Paige Heard. She announced her daughter on Instagram and Twitter.