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Madonna Transforms Himself Into Harley Quinn .

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Madonna Updates: Post, Margot Robbie! Madonna looked actually like the entertainer in character as Harley Quinn when she spruced up as the comic book character for Halloween.

Madonna went all-out for her 2021 Halloween outfit, WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE! The artist spruced up as comic book character Harley Quinn, and she completely nailed it.

She shook sequined shorts and a low profile, trimmed shirt, alongside a red and blue plane coat. Her light hair was pulled once again into ponytails — one pink and one blue — and she wore fishnet stockings on her legs.

The look was finished with stage boots and a bat in one hand.

Madonna posted a progression of photographs of herself in the ensemble. There were close-up shots, just as full-length looks of the outfit. Her feline eye cosmetics with rose gold eyeshadow was on the money, and she had Harley’s signature, little heart drawn all over.

Obviously, she completely nailed it, and totally looked like Margot Robbie, who played Harley in Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and The Suicide Squad.

Madonna Dressed Up Look Here

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Only two days before Halloween, Madonna showed up in another spread for V Magazine, and she looked similarly staggering while at the same time directing Marilyn Monroe for the shoot.

Madonna was a carbon copy of the famous entertainer, as she shook a pearl accessory, shrouded herself in hiding and jewels and that’s just the beginning. The shoot was done as praise to Marilyn, who passed on in 1962.


In the meantime, Madonna’s girl, Lourdes Leon, who as of late turned 25 years of age, has emulated her mom’s example with hot photograph shoots of her own as of late.

However, regardless of their similarities and closer relationship nowadays, Lourdes really pulled away from her popular mother a piece when she turned 18.

“My mother is such an obsessive-compulsive person and she controlled me my entire life,” Lourdes conceded in an October meeting. “I should have been totally free from her when I graduated secondary school.”

However, plainly, Lourdes and Madonna are on acceptable terms nowadays. Indeed, the 25-year-old even showed up in a portion of the shots in Madonna’s Halloween collection on Instagram. What a couple!

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