Josh Brolin Celebrates 8 Years sobriety With Wife

Josh Brolin Updates: Josh Brolin expressed his gratitude for his eight years of sobriety with a touching statement on Monday. Brolin, 53, highlighted what the milestone means to him and his family in a lengthy Instagram post.

The actor and his wife, Kathryn Boyd Brolin, have two daughters: Westlyn, who is almost three, and Chapel, who is ten months. From his first marriage to Alice Adair, he has two children, Trevor, 33, and Eden, 27.

“After 8 years of sobriety, jumping into your truck for a 6 a.m. call, there’s a card from your wife thanking you for making the decision to lay it down and live instead, accompanied with a collage board of your children – what was created because of that decision,” Brolin wrote. “And sobriety is when your children look at you and believe what they see (it shows in their pupils and how they stand in front of you).”

After a series of public outbursts, Brolin sought treatment for substance abuse in 2013. He spoke out about his intention to seek treatment the next year.

Josh Brolin Instagram Post With Wife

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He told The Guardian, “It was another turning point.” “It got me to thinking about a number of things.” My mother died when I was in my twenties. I hadn’t moved past the influence that had on me; I was always such a mama’s boy.

But I understood I was heading in the wrong direction. I realized I needed to grow up and change. It was as though I took a step back and looked at the hamster wheel.”

Brolin, like his wife Kathryn, is proud of the person he has become.

“Thank you, God, family, and friends,” he wrote, “for the most punk rock sobriety possible.” “#wesidesobriety #deeplygrateful.”

In the comments, Kathryn Boyd Brolin said, “Everything stems from there.”

“Congratulations,” Anthony Hopkins, who celebrated 45 years of abstinence in 2020, added. “We are devoted to you.”

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