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Mark Consuelos and Wife Kelly Ripa Celebrates Halloween

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Mark Consuelos Updates: Just like the last year Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos haven’t backed off from celebrating Halloween and enjoying it as much as any ordinary persona can. They are a good couple and have been married for 25 years but still, it feels like they married last day and they enjoy it every day.

They were both co-actor in film and then they turned it into their special relationship. Both of them are actors and actresses I mean who doesn’t know Hayley Vaughan from All My Children. And who doesn’t know our Riverdale star, Mark Consuelos? Halloween is like keeping tradition for them which has been great chemistry between them for the last 25years.

So they uploaded a picture on Halloween on Instagram with the caption “Mom and Dad just returned from the #1940s to remind you to tune in today for [Live Halloween] It’s Out Of This World,” Ripa wrote, adding firecracker and rocketship emojis.

Many of Ripa’s followers quickly noted that the tightness of Consuelos’ pants wasn’t exactly period-accurate. “Not sure the 40’s pants fit quite like that, but who’s complaining?” one fan wrote. “It’s a Halloween tradition,” Ripa replied.

Mark Consuelos And Kelly Ripa Halloween Costumes

Mark Consuelos
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They were also dressed funny last year. First, they dressed as romantic lovers and then they dressed as zombie lovers which were quite funny to see, and also its caption was funny.

The fans and also both the stars were making fun of it on the recent Halloween. She captioned her last year’s Halloween photos as “A costumed how it started, how it’s going, and I cropped at the crotch and thirst buckets. All trick, no treat”.

Although they are parents to three children which are Michael 25, Joaquin 18, and daughter Lola 20. They have been married since 1996 and they have been a great and romantic couple since then and we get their daily real-life update which they deliver themselves in a funny way.

Last we saw Mark Consuelos was in the last episode of the famous TV series Riverdale and we last saw Kelly Ripa was in American Housewives. And together we saw them in Riverdale last time.

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