Selena Gomez Spotted in Chris Evans Piano Reflection?

Selena Gomez Updates: A special wake up post to those who are still in the illusion that the singer Selena Gomez and actor Chris Evan are in a relationship; rumors had it that the duo is dating after some previous posts were posted in context to them but now reports tell us that all of it was false, in fact now there is a new update.

E! News previously reported that the fans had glued their eyes on the actor Chris Evan‘s recent Instagram Story which is a short clip of the actor playing the piano and it was captioned as “rainy day activities.”

Now the majority of the viewers had the idea that this post had nothing much here but the fans suspect that the mysterious reflection of a brunette person in the left corner of the video could be of Selena.

Is Selena Gomez and Chris Evans Together?

Selena Gomez

These rumors started sometime in a couple of weeks ago when out of nowhere some fans hypothesized that Chris and Selena were dating and it was a secret; this hypothesis was done on the basis wherein Chris followed Selena on social media of Instagram and then in the interview of 2015 Selena said that her celebrity crush is Chris.

Howsoever many pictures of them leaving some studio were also seen which later on was revealed that the photo was cropped and merged together and was fake.

Still, though, this clearly hasn’t stopped people from looking for proof.

Neither the singer, Selena nor the actor, Chris have spoken anything on these continuous rumors, but here we hate to break it to you that if all we have to go on is an Instagram follow and a vague reflection in a piano, major chances are they are not dating. Or maybe they are, but we should wait for some confirmation and not speculate with anything.

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