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Samuel L. Jackson Shows Off Perfect Nick Fury Shirt

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Updates: Samuel L. Jackson has dressed appropriately for his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Samuel L. Jackson is among the most successful and popular film actors of all time. He has appeared in over 150 films.

The comic-book Fury was recreated to look like Jackson. Prior to this, he was the former director of SHIELD Fury.

The MCU has been exposed to the “larger universe,” as suggested by Fury to Tony Stark more than a decade ago. As per Captain Marvel, Fury knew of superheroes and aliens from 1995, with his venture with Carol Danvers functioning as the idea for his ultimate plan to protect the world through the Avengers.

That being said, Fury’s absence could have never created the team of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk. Thus, this could have impacted the MCU, and its power would have never awakened.

Samuel L. Jackson Instagram Post

Samuel L. Jackson

Earlier this week, Jackson posted an Instagram photo of himself sporting the classic Nick Fury t-shirt, alluding to his upcoming flick (s). Jackson is wearing an “UNLEASH THE FURY” t-shirt over the character’s trademark eye patch in the picture.

Jackson will renew his MCU role in Disney+’s new series Secret Invasion. A teaser for the new series was visible in the post-credits sequence of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Based on Fury’s Captain Marvel link with Talos, Secret Invasion will feature a battle between the shape-shifting Skrulls.

Apart from the duo already mentioned above, it will cast Kingsley Ben-Adir, Olivia Colman, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald, and Emilia Clarke. Secret Invasion may premiere next year, with shooting well underway.

Jackson has also teased at appearing in Captain Marvel’s sequel, The Marvels. In one of WandaVision’s credits scenes, Monica Rambeau sees a Skrull who informs her that somebody, most likely Fury, wishes to see her.

Considering Rambeau’s role in The Marvels, it’s possible that Fury will be the one to connect her to Danvers in MCU Phase 4. Since both Secret Invasion and The Marvels are currently in development, it’s reasonable to suppose that they may cross over. Maybe Jackson is also working on both projects concurrently, releasing twice the rage.

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