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Chris Pratt Reveals the Source of Mouse Rat Song ‘The Pit’.

Chris Pratt
Rolling Stone

Chris Pratt Updates: Andy Dwyer’s band Mouse Rat, on parks Recreation sang a song to raise funds and awareness for Leslie Knope’s project in order to turn it into a park. The true inspiration for Mouse Rat’s song: Guns N’ Roses is released by Pratt.

He was a guest on the podcast on 18th October. He in fact named Guns N’ Roses song after Alan Yang the writer discussed “The Pit,” of Parks and Recreation.

Andy was the lead singer of Mouse Rata along with Chris Pratt, who also sang Guns N’ Roses and Mouse Rat. Pratt went to The Pit after he visited Parks and Recreation and finally went to Guns N’ Roses song.

Pratt sang said that he was in the pit and added that “You were in it, the pit, I fell in it, the pit. Here’s the hilarious thing about this song. He goes, ‘We all fell in the piiiit. Take me down to the paradise city, the grass is…’ That’s the song. It’s actually ‘Paradise City.’ It’s the chord progression of ‘Paradise City.’” He also added and said that

What does Chris Pratt say About the Song?

Chris Pratt
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“Paradise City” comes from Guns N’ Roses’ 1987 debut album Appetite for Destruction. Yang concurred Parks and Recreation lifted more than just chords from “Paradise City.”

Though Pratt was glorified for Mouse Rat he gave all the materials to Mark Rivers and have him all the credits him. Rivers played drums in the band Parks and Recreation and wrote songs too.

Pratt said that “I think there’s one song, I don’t know if it was a Mark Rivers, but one song is called ‘Two Birds Holding Hands.’ It says, ‘Two birds holding hands, so much better than one.’ It’s like the idea that birds are holding hands, and then it’s like we could fly through the ocean. Really good bad lyrics.

Yang added, “Of course, every song includes the lyrics ‘spread your wings and fly.’ ‘Spread your wings and fly is in every chorus. That’s just good writing.”