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Kris Jenner Lies About Helping Travis and Kourtney

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Updates: Recently we got the news that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged and she got the most romantic proposal from Travis on the beach full of roses which were shaped like a heart.

They are now enjoying their post-engagement life and they have been shown in public multiple times together holding hands. The romantic date was too good but the secret has been revealed about the date that it is been helped by Kourtney’s mother Kris Jenner.

She tipped Travis Barker for organizing this cute and romantic date for her daughter. It is kinda funny and heartwarming that how her mother supports her relationship. All she has to do is deliver a lie.

Recently she visited on a show and she was asked about Kourtney and Travis engagement on which she said “Kourtney and Travis, they are really made for each other. They really are. They are the cutest couple. They are so in love. And they let us know they are so in love. Constantly,” she added, making reference to the couple’s ongoing PDA.

What Kris Jenner Says About the Engagement?

Kris Jenner
Entertainment Tonight

When the show host asked how does she feel about their engagement and their upcoming wedding. On which she responded that she is taking their marriage seriously and she is happy that her daughter is going to be happy.

Because of lots of controversies, she has been through from past years so she does need a move on and marriage will be best for her to relax her mind from these negative and also she will also get emotional support from her partner to deal with negativity.

Kris Jenner then revealed that Travis asked for her blessings before he was going to ask Kourtney for the marriage and told her that to keep it secret from Kourtney untill he tell her by himself.

Barker asked for Kardashian’s hand in marriage at a hotel resort in California. Jenner says even the hotel staff were surprised by the grand gesture. “I think people at the hotel thought they were setting something up for, like, The Bachelorette or something,” Jenner joked. “I don’t think they were expecting that, but we had so much fun doing that whole thing and planning it.”