Stranger Things-Star: Noah Schnapp launches new vegan Nutella!!

Noah Schnapp launches new vegan Nutella

Noah Schnapp Update: Be it kids or young teens or any age group, Nutella on a snack is something everyone relishes. The devastating thing is to know that Nutella isn’t vegan; currently, many brands are starting up to make Nutella the vegan version.

Many brands are also starting to try their hand at a vegan category of the hazelnut spread and Noah Schnapp’s the star from the most loved series Stranger Things has launched the recent company for vegan Nutella.

The company TBH stands for, To Be Honest, and its aim is to be just that: an honest snacking company that’s clear and economically conscious with the ingredients.

A couple of years ago, Noah Schnapp who portrays the character of Will Byers on the most loved series, Stranger Things collaborated with Umana Venture Studio in order to create a fine version of his favorite hazelnut spread of Nutella after finding out that palm oil which is one of the main ingredients of Nutella’s plays a pivotal role in deforestation.

Noah Schnapp launches new vegan Nutella

Noah Schnapp launches new vegan Nutella

The fully vegan cocoa hazelnut spread from the company, TBH is produced without palm oil, contains more protein and hazelnut than Nutella, and contains crucially less sugar. The cocoa employed in the product is UTZ-certified to ensure that it’s ethical and environmentally conscious at each step of the process.

To round out the sustainability measures of the brand TBH comes in a jar made of recycled materials and a box that helps plant 20 times more trees than it takes to create! The cocoa hazelnut spread from TBH will officially launch on November 1 at SnackTBH.com.

The brand will also be available at select Showfields locations throughout New York City and Miami. After the initial launch, look for the brand in major retailers in 2022.

The company TBH has the scheme to release more environmentally friendly and health-responsive snacking products in the coming future, so anyone can visit their website or give them a follow on Instagram at @snacktbh for more details.

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