Silent Hill Game Rumors Responded by Bloober Team

Silent Hill Game

Silent Hill Game Update: The Bloober Team, the developer of the horror game has responded to recent rumors that it is working on a new Silent Hill title. The survival horror series, published by Konami and developed by Team Silent, began in 1999 and release a number of sequels.

The most recent one is Silent Hill: Downpour was released in 2012. A new Silent Hill game began development in 2012, but the project was canceled due to the release of a popular playable teaser game called P. T. Many fans still await the release of the game.

The reemergence of Silent Hills seems unlikely given the fact that Kojima and del Toro moved on to a new collaboration in the form of 2019’s Death Stranding. Recent rumors now reveal that the next Silent Hill game will be developed by Bloober Team.

Silent Hill Rumors Responded by Bloober Team

Silent Hill Game

The rumors came after the partnership of Bloober Team and Silent Hill publisher Konami. In a recent discussion, Bloober Team has revealed that it has moved on from two projects, which fans believe are Silent Hill titles. The games were codenamed “Black” and “Dum Spiro”, were both candidates for the next Silent Hill titles.

While Tomasz Gawlikowski did not confirm nor deny that Bloober Team is working on a Silent Hill game, he did state that neither of the studio’s in-development titles is “based on themes or premises that have been circulating online in the last days.”.

While the future of the series is still in doubt, the creator already has new plans for another game which he believes can be the new successor. The announcement has come with some new concept art for the title. Fans are already going crazy about this new game and the creator believes this might one of the top games after release. Silent Hill has been one of the most long-running games in the industry and people will definitely never forget the game and it will always be nostalgic for a lot of people. Let us know your thoughts about this.

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