Chris Evans Adore Jim-Pam From ‘The Office,’ and The Internet Loses Its Sh*t

Chris Evans Updates: Chris Evans, like the rest of us, is a big admirer of Jim and Pam! The Office is an American sitcom focusing on the humdrum lives of a group of people working at a paper company, starring Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Steve Carell, and others. The show already has a large following, and now it has a celebrity as well.

Jim and Pam, played by Fischer and Krasinski, are some of the most endearing on-screen couples. Their love story has swooned over the hearts of admirers, including Evans, who had a fanboy moment on Twitter.

“When Jim and Pam are having a bad day, they each leave each other messages talking about the same things at the end of the episode.” “It’s really good,” Chris Evans stated.

Many fans began to remark on their favorite parts from the episode, prompting Jenna Fischer to retweet and share a GIF.

What did Chris Evans say about Jim-Pam?


“Krasinski is my boy, and I’ve met Jenna once,” Chris Evans added, “but for a minute, I’m going to choose to forget about that and just appreciate the fact that Jim and Pam both acknowledged this tweet.” Following that, more fans rushed the comment section.

“Finding out Chris likes The Office is the most unexpected, yet the finest part of my day thus far,” one fan commented.

The Office is already a popular program, and now that Evans has stated that he is a fan, fans have gone crazy. Evans, like any other person, enjoys Jim and Pam while having his own favorite moment.

Meanwhile, rumors that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez were dating spread like wildfire on social media after he followed the singer on Instagram, and other people said that the two were seen together multiple times.

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