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Paul Walker Daughter Meadow Walker Gets Married

Meadow Walker
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Meadow Walker Updates: This season Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker just got married, and Vin Diesel his good pal made her walk down the aisle.

Paul William Walker IV, an American actor who is best known for his character Brian O’Conner, a role in the fast and furious franchise.

Meadow Walker posted videos from her weaving day that was held on Friday. The ceremony was so beautiful that happened in some Oceanside.

She got married to an actor named Louis Thornton-Allan, just a few months after their engagement.

We already on that how much Vin said and considered Paul as family, since working on a fast and furious franchise…. And not only that, but he is also Meadow’s godfather, so it is quite expected to see him front-centered on such a big day.

Meadow Walker Wedding

Meadow Walker
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The story for broken by TMZ, when Paul died in a 2013 car accident, in a fiery. At that time he was 40 years old, and his daughter Meadow was only 15. After somany years, she has grown up to be a model, and she is 22 years old now

Considering the tragedy she has been through, we can understand that why the couple didn’t wait long after the engagement. Louis and Meadow just made their relationship public in the month of July.

Initially, this year, Meadow Walker walked down the Red carpet in honor of his father Paul Walker at the F9 premiere. The franchise premiered it’s a recent movie in the month of June.

I’m an interview with E! Online, this year, Vin Diesel said that “I would not count anything out,” on asking that whether Meadow could give her appearance in the famous show fast and furious.

The photos and videos that she has recently shared on her social media profiles show that she is really happy with the marriage.

All her fans and her father’s well-wishers wholeheartedly blessed her and congratulated her on her special, big day.