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Meadow Walker Marries 2 Months After Engagement

Meadow Walker

Meadow Walker Updates: Post two months of their engagement, Meadow Walker and actor Louis Thornton-Allan got married. The late Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker’s daughter walked down the aisle earlier this month.

On Friday, Walker uploaded a black and white clip from the ceremony. On the other hand, Thornton-Allan posted even more photos on his own Instagram handle.

It’s unclear how long the couple dated before getting engaged, although Thornton-Allan shared a photo of them together socially on July 9.

Walker, 22, titled the wedding clip, “We’re married.” She also posted a photo album with her friends, including one of herself and Thornton-Allan clutching the marriage certificate. Thornton-Allan also posted many additional photos from the ceremony and wrote, “I love you” underneath.

Walker and Thompson-Allan declared their marriage on Friday, but the ceremony occurred earlier this month. Walker wore their wedding rings in a selfie with her “best friend” on Oct. 11. The ceremony took place in the Dominican Republic amidst a tiny number of relatives and friends.

According to E! News, Walker’s godfather, Vin Diesel, who co-starred in the Fast & Furious series with her father, walked her down the aisle. Jordana Brewster, a Fast & Furious co-star, was also present.

Walker told Vogue that the coronavirus outbreak had hampered the couple’s preparations for a lavish wedding. “The pandemic impacted our plans,” the model confessed to the magazine.

There she also revealed that Louis’s family couldn’t attend the occasion due to scheduling conflicts. Owing to the travel restrictions, several of their close friends missed the wedding as well.

Meadow Walker Wedding Photos

Meadow Walker
E! Online

Walker’s wedding gown was designed specifically for her by Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams, a personal friend of Walker. She donned another couture gown to celebrate their wedding in New York City after the ceremony.

Walker described her wedding gown as timeless, stylish, and exquisite. She also felt that it was the correct item because of Matthew’s clear-cut and updated touch.

Walker has worked hard for the Paul Walker Foundation, keeping her father, Paul Walker’s spirit alive since his passing in November 2013. Paul was 40 when he passed on to the other world. She is also an established model, with over 2.8M followers on Instagram.

Walker graced the red carpet at the F9 premiere in June. There she flaunted the new short black bob hairstyle that she did to her wedding.