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Beyonce Sends Love To Kim Kardashian On 41st Birthday After Years Of Feud Rumors

Kim Kardashian
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Beyonce Updates: On Oct. 21, Kim Kardashian turned 41 years old, and she received a flood of greetings on social media from fans, friends, family, and fellow celebs. Beyonce was one of the celebrities that made sure to pay tribute to Kim on her special day.

Despite the fact that Beyonce didn’t dedicate an Instagram post to Kim, she did use her website to offer the reality star a special message. Beyonce tweeted, “Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian,” beside a baby photo of the birthday girl.

Bey has a habit of doing this for friends of hers, but the fact that Kim got a specific mention didn’t go ignored by fans. For years, there has been speculation about where Kim and Bey’s relationship stands, owing to Bey’s husband, JAY-Z’s, on-again, off-again romance with Kim’s ex, Kanye West.

All indicators pointed to a breakdown between the newlyweds when Beyonce and JAY-Z skipped Kim and Kanye’s 2014 wedding. They have, however, debunked allegations of a feud on several occasions since then.

Beyonce Message to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim recently proudly displayed a gift box she received from Beyonce in January 2020. Beyonce was advertising her Ivy Park line at the time and distributing samples to a slew of celebs.

Kim announced that she was one of the lucky recipients of the promo box, and her followers were ecstatic. Beyonce also sat next to Kim and North at one of Kanye’s Yeezy shows during New York Fashion Week in February 2015.

Kim’s 41st birthday fell during a period of great change for her family. Although Kim had a difficult year in 2021 as a result of her divorce from Kanye West in February, her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, is doing well in her relationship with Travis Barker.

Travis proposed on October 17th, and the couple is now engaged! Kylie Jenner, Kim’s younger sister, is currently pregnant with her second kid.

Kim, on the other hand, has been studying law in order to pass the baby bar exam, which she has already failed three times. She also celebrated a professional milestone earlier this month when she became the first woman to host Saturday Night Live.