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Black Skylands Release Date, Tip and Tricks for Beginners

Black Skylands
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Black Skylands Updates: Tiny Build who is the publisher of games like Hello Neighbor, and developer Hungry Couch Games are raising the sail and traveling towards Early Access with Black Skylands. A full open-world map that goes beyond what players might expect from a normal 2D game.

Players will play as Eva, the leader of the Earners and the main character of the game, on a hunt for revenge in a world that is ripped up into thousands of floating islands.

Her journey shows her battling back against the cruel Kain’s Falcons that raided her homeland Aspya and murdered Richard, her father.

The game already portrays around half of the content and is expected for the full release. Players can expect both ariel and ground-based battles, weapon and vehicle customization, and the ability to build out their flagship with new facilities a-la Stardew Valley. Focusing on the combat, both ariel and ground-based battles can be very lively and challenging for the players.

Black Skylands Tips

Black Skylands
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As Eva continues to control the rivalry, her influence will spread across different regions of the world, allowing her to collect more and more resources and interact with locals who could help her in combat.

The developers expect that the Black Skylands will remain in Early Access for at least a full year while they round up the gaming experience and integrate player suggestions into the game.

Piracy seems to be a common problem for a lot of games at the moment, but Black Skylands brings an aspiring sweep to the table that could help it stand out from the rest of the games.

Adding layers of open-world and management onto a top-down shooter game is clearly unique, especially since games with bullet-hell elements tend to repel a certain group of players.

Despite that, the two years of feedback from demos and other tests have already attracted a crowd eager to sail the skies with Eva, and they’ll optimistically guide the developers towards a finished product that can blow everyone’s mind away.

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