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Bioshock Player Completes Full Power Set

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Bioshock Updates: A dedicated Bioshock Infinite player, along with other artists, recreates all eight Vigor bottles from the base game in real life.

What motivates you to fill in the gap until the next release?

The creativity of BioShock Infinite’s fanbase consistently surprises as a talented fanbase with the help of two other cast members creates a full set of real-life game vibes.

The third entry in the series, BioShock Infinite features a set of eight power tonics similar to the first two games ‘Plasmids’, which give the user permanent access to a wide range of special abilities. In which users get maximum interest. Despite its popularity, the franchise has not seen any new official material over the years, prompting the dedicated fan base to fill in the gap until the next release.

Each tonic in the game comes in a highly personalized bottle that is lavishly decorated based on the powers they exert. From shooting crows out of the main character’s hands to knocking enemies out of the ground, the only thing more inventive than abilities are the bottles themselves.

Due to the arrival of more power in this game, the fun of the game has also become more than before. Recently, a fan posted the challenge of recreating these bottles on a 1:1 scale, detailing their progress.

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On June 30, a Reddit user Epochere has completed a full set of Vigor bottle entertainment, releasing an image of all eight together online, following the hard work and inspiration of other fans.

Aside from the Undertow Vigor sculpted by Hex3D, all the bottles were crafted by a friend of Epochere, which he then 3D printed with resin and finished by hand. According to a Reddit thread, these are of significantly better quality than the official promotional bottles from 2K Games, the publisher of the fan entertainment game.

It’s unclear whether BioShock Infinite’s two-part DLC will be moving on from Burial at Sea to the Epochere plasmid, but fans of his work are looking forward to his next piece.

Fans are still eagerly waiting for news about the future of the BioShock franchise. A sequel has been confirmed but little is known about it, except for Job listing which confirms that the game’s setting will be open world.

It will be a departure from the rest of the series, which has stuck to a much more linear format. Time will tell if the new game has any material worth noting as remarkably as these bottles made BioShock Infinite memorable.

This is just one of many projects this artist has created over the years and is a clear indicator of what is possible when creative fans take their favorite media to the next level.

These beautifully crafted and textured bottles are a scintillating display of the talent of all involved. With the quality of each entertainer, these expertly crafted bottles are also giving the originals at BioShock Infinite a run for their money.

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