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Halle Berry Shares Her Son’s Photos On His 8th Birthday

Halle Berry

Halle Berry Updates: On 6th October Halle Berry shares her son’s photo on his birthday. With such glorious caption “this little dude turned 8 today! Happy Birthday Thunder”.

In the picture she shared he was wearing camo shorts, a brown jacket with matching gloves, and an olive green hat, covering half of his face.

John Wick’s actress is now busy shooting the upcoming 4th movie of the John Wick franchise. Which might get released in 2022. The actress celebrated her son’s birthday with greater joy.

Maceo is Halle’s only child of 8 years. Maceo is her and her ex-husband Oliver Martinez’s only child. They both got separated in 2015 because of personal reasons. They named their son as a “gift of God”.

Halle Berry Son’s Photos

Halle Berry

After she published the post on Instagram Maceo got wishes from his mother’s fans also. And they all prayed for his long life and good health in comments. They are also comparing Maceo with his mother, people were saying “You two both look alike”. Maceo’s this photo reminds us of Halle’s childhood us.

Fans love Halle and Maceo both and the comments of the fans were mesmerizing and creative. Also in comments, fans were asking Halle about her upcoming films but she didn’t respond yet but we all know that John Wick and Moonfall are her upcoming films in which she will appear and both of them will hit us in 2022 so it might be keeping her busy. And also she is the least active on social media. It might be because of her upcoming projects.

She is a single mother for Maceo and there isn’t any news about her personal life yet but she proved herself a supermom also because in an interview she said that being a mom is always my priority than any other work.

This was a quite strong statement from her side after getting separated from her husband and she is also proving it what she said in the interview. This kind of attitude towards life is quite motivating and helpful for others who get influenced by the celebrity because she got a good amount of followers.

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