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Suicide Squad 3: James Gunn Revealed Biggest Project

Suicide Squad 3

Suicide Squad 3 Updates: Recently in 2021, we saw James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad 2021 which previously was called the sequel of David Aiyer’s Suicide Squad but before the release of the movie director James Gunn confirmed to us that it isn’t a sequel or prequel it is just a soft reboot of that movie with a lot more characters and different villain which will go in a different direction.

The poster itself has said to us “Don’t Get Too Attached”. And the brutally those characters died in starting of the movie revealed to us again that Amanda Waller always goes with its backup plans.

But among fans, there is still a big confusion after finding out that James Gunn will work with DCEU for one more big project they thought what the upcoming sequel of The Suicide Squad will be called Suicide Squad 2 or Suicide Squad 3 because currently released movie was just a soft reboot, not a sequel.

I think it will come with such a twisty title which might itself be a crazy thing about the movie. Because famous director James Gunn is known for naming his films weirdly enough to enjoy that film.

Suicide Squad 3: Release Date And Cast

Suicide Squad 3
The Sun

There isn’t news or rumors yet about the movie we might get a release date or cast update in the DC Fandom. In this event, we can see that James Gunn is also coming to host it in which he will promote his HBO Max series ‘PeaceMaker’ and will announce new projects with fans in DCEU.

There is no cast update yet but Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was the strength of both the Suicide Squad so she might return for its upcoming part too. People too had loved Sylvester Stallone’s King Shark in The Suicide Squad 2021 so he can return also.

And there are rising rumors that Will Smith might return as BloodSport so we might see his character leading again because as Amanda Waller says ‘The World is full of threats and we need a team who can put their life at stake so there is a chance she might need that team again.

There are a lot of assumptions about the release date of the upcoming Suicide Squad which may be released after 2024 because Director James Gunn is currently busy in PeaceMaker and after that, he has a Marvel project ‘Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 3’ and a spin-off series ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy-Holiday Special’. Till DC Fandom we have to wait for the next news as soon as we get the news you will be updated.

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