Suicide Squad 3 Should Continue Superman Hunt Story from Where It Has Been Leaved

Suicide Squad 3 Updates: James Gunn has recently revealed that he wanted his team to have a fighting battle with Superman in The Suicide Squad…

Published: August 26th, 2021 6:39 am | Updated: August 26, 2021 6:39 am

Suicide Squad 3 Updates: James Gunn has recently revealed that he wanted his team to have a fighting battle with Superman in The Suicide Squad movie. It did not happen then but now it can be applied for the sequel of The Suicide Squad.
Suicide Squad 3 could bring back the idea of Superman. The Suicide Squad director has disclosed the fact that before they could settle the overpowered Starro the Conqueror for Task Force X’s opponent in the upcoming movie, he imagines Last Son of Krypton as the main villain.
It does not work out then but now there is a way for the third sequel of The Suicide Squad to implement the idea of Introducing Superman Gunn had thought in the first time.
The reason of Gunn for not using Superman made an impact on the minds of the people. DC’s position on Superman is not clear. Henry Cavill is the current actor who is playing the role of Superman in DCEU but his absence from his upcoming movies has been the signal that studio is done with this actor and there are chances that they may make the protagonist of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ the primary appearance in Blue Boy Scout. And there are also questions revolving around that whether Gunn’s Suicide Squad is continuing as same as Henry Cavill Superman.

Suicide Squad 3 Superman’s Hunt Story

This thought hold back Gunn from putting Superman into The Suicide Squad but this question will be solved after the release of Suicide Squad 3. If Gunn would return to direct Suicide Squad he will be making Superman as an antagonist against Bloodsport’s Task Force X team.
The story of Suicide Squad vs Superman must be interesting instead of Kal-El’s reputation. The first possibility was getting Superman “out of hand” which will harden the continuity and would turn a hero straight into a villain. The other possibility was about the mind control option. It was because Superman is let loose with his powers in his restricted rating movie and hero who is in deeply love has to be handled carefully.
It can be fan and interesting option for the Bloodsport prequel idea. The disclosure that Idris Elba character has shot down Superman is a discussing concept for DC as revisiting this concept with his own movie. But the problem lies that the ending is already disclosed to everybody. But Suicide Squad has put Superman as a main target and on other hand it would certainly.
A ferocious and evil character of Superman must prove to be a challenging antagonist for The Suicide Squad It would take an entire team of villains to calm him down.
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