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Black Panther 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot And Much More

Black Panther 2
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Black Panther 2 Updates: Recently Kevin Feige announced on Comic-con that sequel of Black Panther will be named Black Panther-Wakanda Forever which is the upcoming big film for Marvel Studios. The studio came to this decision after seeing the success of its previous part Black Panther.

At Comic-con it was revealed that it will take place after the Avengers Endgame. They are gonna return with the original cast except for Chadwick Boseman because he died in August 2020 because of cancer. And also this part will be directed and written by Ryan Coogler who wrote and directed the first part of Black Panther.

Kevin Feige has said that this movie is gonna make Chadwick Boseman proud so we might see him in some technological way in the movie for a small cameo.

People are asking who will take place of the title Black Panther in the upcoming movie so as fans we can guess it can be Shuri who was the sister of Black Panther in the previous movie. This might be her journey of becoming a Black Panther. Recently we also got the news that she got severe injuries on the set during filming but from the previous week she is back on the set for filming her remaining shoot.

All About Black Panther 2

Black Panther 2
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This movie is going to introduce us to some major upcoming superheroes of Young Avengers. Riri Williams(there is no casting update for an actor about her) as Iron Heart. She might become the new IronLad(female IronMan). She is a comic book character who first appeared in comics in 2016. She made his first iron suit after stealing Tony Stark’s old suit. Now that Tony Stark is dead she might take his title and legacy.

The Villain of this movie is might be Namor. He is the king of Atlanta inside the Ocean. In 2020 there was a casting update on this came that Marvel is finding someone good in Scooba diving. They might tease him because he is a potential villain. Also in comics, he has defeated Black Panther T’chala many times.

White Tiger is also rumored in this movie as a superhero. This superhero is considered to be closest to the T’chala as his friend so we might see him in the movie guiding Shuri as the new Black Panther.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever will release in July 2022 in theatres. Also, 2022 is going to be a heavy year for MCU because there are a lot of shows and movies are on the way. So this might or might not get delayed.