What happened to Jon Favreau “Magic Kingdom”?

Magic Kingdom Updates: In 2010, Disney announced that a movie based on the Magic Kingdom park was directed by Jon Favreau. The movie was sketched that all the Disney characters in the Magic Kingdom will come alive during the night. It sounds similar to ” The Night at the Museum (2006)” directed by Shawn Levy. “Magic Kingdom” was a big-budget movie for the franchise.

During the first interview, Favreau opened that thought, it will sound similar to “Night at the Museum” it will be different and they are trying all ways to make the difference. He went on to say, “This is something that I’ve always been drawn to and now to say, ‘What characters do you want to use.

So many developments were seen during the first stage, which includes Michael Chabon (  Wonder Boys(1995)) signed for the screenplay. Favreau also added that  “Magic Kindom” will be the next picture and he is very much committed to that project. Which was the reason why he couldn’t direct “Iron Man 3”.

What Jon Favreau Shared About  “Magic Kingdom”?

Magic Kingdom
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After that, things couldn’t go as planned.  Favreau said, ” this was intentional”. The screenplay of the movie was not able to meet the need of the director. Favreau planned as a huge blockbuster.

While Favreau signed on to another movie by Walt Disney which was ‘ The Jungle Book”. As “The Jungle Book” was released there was no further news.

Favreau has made many blockbusters for Disney. Elf, Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Iron Man fall into this category. He has worked with many franchises other than Disney, and all have a huge record collection. He has directed nine movies ranging from all genres. His direction skills should be well appreciated.

Disney then released many blockbuster movies and “Magic Kingdom” became a sinking ship.

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