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The New Dead Space Project Announced By EA

Dead Space

Dead Space Updates: It announced a new Dead Space project during an EA Play event, leading some to wonder if it’s a reboot of the series or an update to the original.

What could be the new Dead Space project?

The announcement of the remake will surely have given some fans some shrill, necro morph-like jolts of joy.

It recently announced a new project by EA, which may have got some fans wondering whether this is a new game in the series or a remake of the original game.

The project may be headed by EA Motive, who most recently worked on Star Wars: Squadron. It has launched only one teaser trailer for the project, but fans are looking forward to what’s coming.

It originally released the first game in 2008, following engineer Isaac Clarke as he fights to save his partner Nicole from nightmare alien creatures called Necro morphs on the USG Ishimura. The first game and its sequel, Dead Space 2, received critical comments for giving players an intimidating experience.

Dead Space 3 traded in these scares for more action-packed gameplay and began introducing co-op to the franchise, but was not well received by fans and critics alike.

Game developed with input from Dead Space fans

Dead Space

Ducharme revealed it will develop the game with input from fans. “As we look to modernize the game, we have reached out to dedicated fans and asked them to provide us with feedback from the early stages of productions to deliver a game that new players can enjoy as well. Want.”

It’s been eight years since we joined protagonist Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3, but after the third game flopped at retail and with critics alike, developer Visceral Games’ sci-fi survival horror series made more than just name alone. I was dead.

EA later disbanded the studio, and Dead Space’s future in animation was almost set to be suspended. However, in a surprise announcement at its EA Play Live event, the publisher’s mini-E3 genre convention, the game is back, and it looks just as spooky as it was expected.

It is rumored dead Space to release in 2023.

We expect the game to release during 2023, though that’s just speculation for now. EA revealed the game without a release date during its EA June 2021 Play Live event. The 2023 window is based on the understanding that sports game development is going very fast, but is an educated guess based on statistics.

The series has been on hiatus since 2003, and original developer Visceral Games has since disbanded. So here is just a possibility, not a guarantee.

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