Peacemaker TV Series is Wrapped Up: James Gunn shares his Joy on Twitter

Peacemaker Updates: James Gunn has shared his joy of wrapping up the HBO Max’s Peacemaker series on Twitter. James Gunn is a renowned movie director who was also a former collaborator with Marvel studios. He currently collaborates with Warner Bros., and next month he will be releasing his first DCEU movie, The Suicide Squad.

Director James Gunn has included many new characters in his Suicide Squad movie apart from David Ayer’s original version. One among such characters is John Cena’s order-obsessed Peacemaker.

Peacemaker, a douchey helmeted Captain America, will be a part of James’ Suicide Squad movie. The character is also getting a separate spinoff. The Peacemaker series is being produced in 8 episodes, and HBO Max will telecast the series in January 2022.

The peacemaker series is the second collaboration of Gunn with DCEU. The timeline and plot of the Peacemaker series are not yet revealed, but the story follows the origin of Peacemaker.

The Peacemaker series features Cena along with two other casts from the Suicide Squad movie, namely Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland. Along with them, the series will debut many newcomers starting from Chukwudi Iwuji and Freddie Stroma to Brooks and Patrick.

Peacemaker Filming Finished


James Gunn is constantly updating the fans about the Peacemaker series progress starting from day 1. A week ago, James shared the end of Brooks, Holland, Agee, and Iwuji’s part in the series. He then also mentioned that Patrick has wrapped up as well.

He is over-thrilled about the Peacemaker series and he mentioned on Twitter that it was a joy for him from start to finish. He also updated the final day shoot of the series with Cena and Stroma.

James Gunn very much enjoyed making the TV shows and he even once mentioned that he would stick with it. However, Gunn is heading back to making movies for Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. James Gunn had an absolute blast with Peacemaker and we can expect that the series will make up to James’s standard.

Though the plot of the series is not yet revealed, the fact that Patrick played the role of father to Cena is very much intriguing and raises the expectation of the series.

The fans must wait until the release of the Suicide Squad movie to know more about the Peacemaker series. Luckily, the movie is released next month and soon the fans will get to know about the Peacemaker.

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