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Sex Education Season 3: How Eric will find himself?

Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education Season 3 Updates: ‘Sex Education’ is one of the series on Netflix that most of the audience has felt connected with. The kind of Reality That the series put forward in front of everyone is commendable. It focuses on all emotional and mental changes a teenager goes through rather than just giving an upper view of a teenager’s life.

There is a lot more in a teenager’s life than career stress, study anxiousness, and family issues. The one thing that it shows beautifully is how teenagers learn things from a lot of experiences. The decisions they make change their destiny.

The person that they choose to be in relation with might change their personality a lot. Eric goes to this change in the series. He Learns his lesson a really hard way. He is shown as a people-please and tries to appeal to everyone around him because he’s so othered. He’s one of the only Black students. He’s a religious man who’s gay. He’s felt very othered in whatever group he’s been in.

Sex Education Season 3 Eric’s Heartbreak

Sex Education Season 3

When Eric said, “I’ve worked hard to find myself and I’m beginning to lose who I am.” a lot of people understood his sentiments. This is a kind of feeling everyone has gone through either in their teenage or in their life. We all meet a person who loves us, cares for us but at some point, they make us lost, we start to lose that bubbly part of ourself’s.

There are very few people who recognize that they’re losing themselves and start working to get themselves back. The rest of the people realize it much later, till then it becomes too late.

In season 2, Eric finally realizes that how much relation has become toxic with Adam. He turns out to become much stronger than before. He takes a stand for himself and his peace. He finally takes a step for himself and breaks up with his long-time bully, Adam.

In season 3 we see a reversed version of Eric where he is concentrated more on himself, his personal growth and focuses more on self-love rather than pleasing everyone around him.

The series tell every teenager how much self-love is important and why we should not lose ourselves and most importantly it tells that no one can make you much happier than you can make yourself.