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Nathan Fillion Shares Exciting Career News What It Could Mean For The Rookie

Nathan Fillion
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Nathan Fillion Updates: Nathan Fillion’s film career is booming, and he has recently announced that has got his fans excited and a little worried.

Nathan Fillion expected to shoot season four

He shared the trailer with his fans and captioned it below, “Actually, this is my mission. Your mission is to get your tickets. Yes, today is. You’re welcome!

Many of the fans were overjoyed and wrote a comment saying “I am very happy Nathan. I can’t wait to see this, “and,” I bought my daughter a ticket today, she’s going to be scared. ”
Many of Nathan’s social media fans were concerned about his TV show, Rookie, and instead used the opportunity to ask about it.

When Nathan shared a few things about this exciting career with the fans, there was a stir among the fans. Some got upset, and some jumped in joy, as most of them were thinking about his TV show The Rookie.

Nathan Fillion shares the Suicide Squad 2 trailer with fans

Nathan Fillion
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One Nathan fan asked “when is the next season of The Rookie coming out,” and another asked if you were filming for Season 4. Though it doesn’t look like Nathan will leave the small screen soon as he has just shared a post with his fans that he was already back on the sets!

Suicide Squad 2 Nathan Fillion left his social media followers worried when he shared a post with fans in which he was sporting a mysterious injury. This Instagram photo posted a picture of him with two painful cuts on his face and captioned it as “I shaved myself a beard. Don’t ask me how I’d be using an electronic razor machine. Fans wrote in response” Oh, is that so. How painful does that feel, and bro, it’s like you’re coming from Freddy Krueger the guy.

Fans were unsure whether it was real or fake.

However, people began to speculate that he must have just shot the fourth season and that the blood was fake. When it comes to staging construction they start the season of film 4 !? One of his followers asked, which led to comments from other fans as well. He said Rookie is back! And, here’s the amazing thing.

Are you also looking forward to the next season of Nathan’s TV show The Rookie? If yes, then do tell by commenting.