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The Matrix 4: Resurrections – What is the Release Date? Who’s in It? And More

The Matrix 4 is Coming Soon! The Matrix has returned with the franchise’s part four; The Matrix Resurrections. It’s has been 22 years since the first Matrix film was released in 1999. At first, Warner Bros. had given the official premiere date in May 2021. However, due to the corona virus’ lockdown, it was inevitably pushed further. Our beloved Neo and the mind-boggling ‘world’ of living inside a computer program, has finally made a comeback. You must be wondering what is the release date of the new Matrix film? Well, mark your calendars because it’s revealed and confirmed to be 22nd December 2021.

The Trailer – The Matrix 4: Resurrections

The first official trailer for the matrix 4 has also been released recently, on 9th September 2021. It starts up with a scene where the actor Keanu Reeves is in a therapy session, asking if he’s going ‘crazy’. It’s possible that he isn’t able to clearly remember his past and is experiencing avid dreams, which are most likely his memories. There’s plenty of blue pills thrown here and there throughout the trailer, sometimes he’s taking them, and other times he’s spilling them.

The Matrix 4 Cast

Cas: Who is Returning and who is new in the team?

Priyanka Chopra, the Indian superstar is seen in a very much ‘librarian’ appearance furthermore, Jessica Henwick is seen with short blue hair and it makes the whole thing much more fantastic. The vibes are overzealous and robust of the overall production.

Priyanka Chopra in the Matrix 4
Priyanka Chopra in the Matrix 4

The scenes are ever so suspenseful and fast-paced, they surely would force the goosebumps out of you. Laurence Fishburne is unfortunately not going to be a part of the upcoming movie of the
matrix franchise, but there seems to be a younger version of Morpheus or a character similar to him played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

The original ongoing movie series is known for its amazing perception of ‘what is real and legendary, for making people debate on the whole existence of ‘life’. Other than Reeves and Abdul, the confirmed cast for part 4; The Matrix Resurrections consist of Carrie-Anne Moss- who plays the role of Trinity, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Neil Patrick. The world-known and wonderful director, Lana Wachowski is also returning as the writer and director of the film.

The fandom has started to become impatient, yet they’re exhilarated to know the answers to these recurring questions- Is Neo merely just living in the ‘normal’ world? Has he forgotten every single thing about the ‘real world? What is up with Neo’s death? And the list proceeds. The wait may feel just a tad long, but strap up because this Christmas we’re going to experience history. The Matrix Resurrections is going to be jam-packed with action and amusement.

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