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Into The Night Season 3: Expected Release Date and What we know so far!

Into The Night Season 3

Into The Night Season 3 has been announced, Here we have information about the upcoming season. Into The Night, which has been one of the most viewed shows on Netflix and has managed to
rank on the top 10 list as well, could possibly make a comeback soon with a season 3. But as of yet, there has been no confirmation from the production crew. Season 2 was released not too long ago that is- 8 th September, 2021.

As it is quite early to say when the upcoming season is going to be renewed, we have no information if the release date would be announced this year or not. The sci-fi series is a Belgian Netflix series, it has been garnering many fans and viewers since its first season- which was premiered on 1 st May, 2020. There have been six episodes each in both the first and the second season, so we assume that the same pattern could be seen in season three as well.

Every episode is around an hour in duration, which makes it absolutely binge-worthy. The storyline of Into the Night is loosely based on the book called ‘The Old Axolotl’ which is written by a Polish writer, Jacek Dujak. It revolves around a hijacker-Terenzio, who was a NATO soldier in Italy along with a company of an unknown lot.

Into The Night Season 3 Info

There’s an issue as to, if any living being gets exposed to the sun’s rays, they die on the spot. The aircraft’s survivors have to work as a group and try to avoid the sunlight so that they could
get to the military bunker. At the moment, there has been a clue about the production process of Into The Night Season 3 as well as the cast but one of the main actors, George has told that “We’ll hopefully find out soon if we’re going to get to continue this story.

Into The Night Season 3: WIll it Happen or Not?

The thing that was really important for me in the first season was to really meet these characters, introduce this world, and introduce that macro problem. But because we were only six episodes, to really live in that too much felt like – frankly, every time I tried it, I felt like I was getting bogged down”.  Another lead actor Mehmet has been seen active on social media as he shared some behind-the-scenes footage.

However, we are yet to determine any further indicators that the filming has started. We could only assume that Into The Night Season 3 could be out somewhere in the fall of 2022 nonetheless, don’t quote us on that! Meanwhile, if you’re a sci-fi junkie and enthusiast of such mysterious series, you have plenty of time to stream the rest of the seasons that are available on Netflix.

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