Scarlett Johansson Says Kevin Feige Was “Nervous” to Tell Her About Black Widow’s Demise

Scarlett Johansson Updates: Scarlett Johansson shared a sad memory of her when Natasha of marvel series decided to sacrifice herself. She Says Kevin Feige got very Nervous when he called her to inform her about the sacrifice of Black Widow. However, Scarlett says she wasn’t much stunned about the decision because somewhere she knew about the choice Nat would have taken.

Goodbyes are always hard to say

Scarlett Johansson recalls the call that she received from Kevin Feige. That was the call of saying goodbye to Natasha. He informed Scarlett that Black Widow or Natasha is going to die in Marvel’s avengers.

Scarlett talked about the feeling she got when she was informed about the death of sacrifice Natasha. She gave an interview to BBC Radio 1 on Friday, where she talked about the conversation with Kevin Feige. The actresses wet to the moment and said how she got information about the end of her role. However, she also talked about how that sacrifice was important for avengers.

Kevin Feige is their boss of the Marvel series. She said he might get nervous while informing her. He said that the sacrifice is much needed and it was always expected at some point.

The choice of Natasha’s sacrifice was nostalgic

Scarlett Johansson

According to the demand of the series of avengers in Endgame, Natasha decided to sacrifice herself. However, the sacrifice was made for another character of Hawkeye. She leads herself to death for retrieving the soul stone. For fans, it was the moment that brought tears. It was among one of the nostalgic moments of the series.

However, Johnson said that the demise never gave her a surprise attack. The character of Natasha would have always made that choice for others. It was her love that made her take that harsh decision for herself. Her sacrifice brought her peace. Those kinds of decisions were always expected from her character and I always knew she would never back off. Although the bye was emotional and hard to say.

Scarlett Johansson as black widow coming again

Fans must have got disappointed about the demise of Black Widow by avengers. However, Black Widow is coming back in her own separate movie. Johansson is getting her role as Natasha. Fans could get their series on Disney+ anytime after Friday.




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