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Elden Ring: Latest Trailer Revealed New Effects

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Updates: After more than a year of quiet from FromSoftware, the latest teaser for Elden Ring, the dark fantasy RPG sequel to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, reveals a lot of fascinating facts about the game.

The Elden Ring video offered glimpses of some of the magical skills players will be able to use – some familiar to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls fans, others newly developed to match this RPG’s scenario – among the colorful imagery of horse-riding Tarnished, twisted Demigods and dazzling Eritrea.

Demon’s Souls was the first of FromSoftware’s action RPGs (which, together with Dark Souls, would go on to define a generation of “Soulslike” games), and it introduced players to a world overrun with soul-devouring demons, released by the irresponsible use of “Soul Art” magic.

Spells (supposedly demonic sorcery focused on conjuring toxic mist, hurling flame, enchanting weapons, and manipulating light) and Miracles (supposedly demonic sorcery focused on conjuring toxic mist, hurling flame, enchanting weapons, and manipulating light) are the two types of magic in Demon’s Souls (a supposedly divine discipline focused more on healing and protecting).

Despite taking place in a different universe, the Dark Souls trilogy expands on the magic systems introduced in Demon’s Souls: Sorcery is the art of manipulating light, created by a scaleless dragon, and Miracles are tales of gods who can conjure healing benedictions, force blasts, and golden lightning. Pyromancy, a distinct magic system that manipulates flame and heat, as well as “Dark” spell fed by the latent potential of human souls, were also added in Dark Souls.

Elden Ring: Trailer

Elden Ring
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Much information regarding how Elden Ring will build on the mystical powers seen in past Souls games have been revealed in the latest teaser, as well as interviews with creators like Hidetaka Miyazaki. Elden Ring’s magic systems appear to be incorporating old components while also introducing some new concepts.

A knight fires a huge beam of light from a staff presumably topped with crystal in the latest Elden Ring video, reminiscent of the “Soul Stream” Sorcery spell from Dark Souls 3. A scene of a knight creeping up on some foes in a castle and smiting them with a sword of light summoned from staff or short halberd is also shown. Both of these images imply that Sorcery from Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls will familiarly return to Elden Ring.

A Tarnished player character constructs a mystical diagram and pillar of light around their sword in another scene from the latest Elden Ring teaser, then pulls it down to strike a boss monster. This might just be a magical art associated with the weapon used by the character, or it could be an example of the new types of Miracle spells available to Elden Ring players. Miracles have always been aesthetically connected with magical circles and runic patterns in past “Soulslike” games, and most FromSoftware fans will wish to see a school of magic focused around healing and holiness in Elden Ring.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the Souls franchise, recently spoke about how Elden Ring players would be able to call the souls of opponents they destroy in the game world as friends to fight with them. This new school of magic might potentially bring an extra layer of strategy to Elden Ring, in addition to expanding the “summon cooperator” features of earlier Souls games to hostile NPCs. When confronted with formidable opponents, players might try to “recruit” animals and characters to counter their powers.

The latest Elden Ring teaser features two bosses that appear to employ gory magic: a jumping werewolf knight who blasts crimson arcs of energy from their sword, and a foe wrapped in red tendrils of energy who telekinetically drags a player character towards them. Blood magic would be a lovely compliment to the sanguine abilities employed by Bloodborne foes and the blood sacrifice magic featured in George R.R. Martin’s Song Of Ice And Fire books, but it doesn’t definitely imply it will be a component of Elden Ring.

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