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Halo 3 Development Rumors and Other Details

Halo 3

Halo 3 Updates: Similar to any video game that crosses a whole series, it’s to be assumed that every new game gets new features to expand the scope, improve combat, and add to the excitement.

The Halo series is not unique in this process, with each title from Halo 2 up through Halo 5: Sponsors combining new gameplay to the fixed formula, like armor techniques, ground pounds, and load-outs. Yet dual-wielding was eliminated following only 2 games.
Halo 2 and Halo 3 rolled heavily on the Battle Rifle for the largest of its ranged combat battles. Its accuracy and huge loss unexpectedly altered the direction for Major League Gaming.

Halo 2’s intro of dual-wielding weapons also gave new, artistic ways to join and intensify firepower at middle or close range, or simply double up on the number of ammo available. When Halo Reach came out in 2010, several players were saddened that the feature had been dropped, but Bungie had been rolling towards the conclusion ever since Halo 3.

Halo 3 Dual-Wielding Distracted

Halo 3

In an FPS game where each second counts, this combined measure was reasonably frustrating. Yet despite the twist, Halo 3 continues to be the most successful Halo multiplayer. This wasn’t the cause dual-wielding was abandoned; there were more robust disputes:

“The assault rifle works well with the golden 3 things of Halo which are weapons, grenades, and melee,” commented Multiplayer Designer Lars Bakken in the ViDoc.

With dual-wielding stopping two-thirds of this core method, it makes feeling that pro gaming circuits refused it completely, de-spawning dual-wieldable weapons like the plasma rifle or plasma pistol overall MLG maps.

Bungie eliminated dual-wielding for Halo Reach, and 343 Industries proceeds to match with their choice – Halo Infinite won’t have dual-wielding or playable Elites. The plan of dual-wielding conflicting weapon types will remain to be missed, as well its supplementing shiny, shimmering colors.

To give the most balanced Halo event probable, though, Bungie and 343 Industries were appropriate to discard it.

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