The Suicide Squad Credits Twist Was Bad (Despite SPOILER’s Future)

The Suicide Squad Updates: The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, has a particularly startling surprise in its post-credits that, while it sets up Peacemaker’s DECU future, is really detrimental to the tale. The ‘Suicide Squad’ brings in new villains, who save the world.
The team then finds their way to Corto Maltese where they had to find the information regarding Project Starfish, they did this for testing the loyalties and values of the group.
The twist arrives when the assigned team then finds more about the Project Starfish, discovers the secrets and the US government wants to destroy that. Eventually, ARGUS is very keen on destroying that because he just wants to hide America’s involvement in the project. Rick Flag, Bloodsport, and Ratcatcher go for the drive they intend to reveal publicly, exposing the US government’s atrocities to the rest of the world.
While Peacemaker intends to be with Amanda Waller’s orders and wants to destroy the drive. He thinks that this will ensure peace, but for him, it was okay to kill Ricky Flag for getting peace. Peacemaker and Bloodsport engage in dramatic combat, with the latter killing Peacemaker while retrieving the drive.

The Suicide Squad SPOILER’s

In the ending scene of the movie, we can find Peacemaker being alive and is in the hospital room. He is in the coma stage, but at least he is alive. The Suicide Squad’s main characters are supposed to be antiheroes, they become so lovable that their deaths are actually heartbreaking.
However, the Suicide Squad does not intend to kill Peacemaker but they became friends and had to choose in order to complete their assigned mission. The Suicide Squad members are aware that they are disposable weapons to the US government, but also recognize that they are much more than that.
Many will be keen fans of the movie while some will be having a different taste. It is quite natural and people vary a lot. The Suicide Squad demonstrated that the villains can be viewed as an asset to help the world overcome the problems.

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