Sniper Ghost Warrior Studio Apologizes For Insensitive Marketing Stunt

Sniper Ghost Warrior Updates: The Press Meet: A Journalist raised an issue against Sniper Ghost Warrior Studio and asked for an apology. This happened after the press meet.
Due to the Covid crisis, Polish studio CI Games joined together with event coordinator Incredible Adventures. The Incredible Adventures is known for delivering fighter jet flights, military adventures around the world. The real trouble starts here. The military scenario is cast by the Incredibles.
This deeply misrepresented the Middle East which is a common thing in western made tv channels. The Scenes include streets with mud houses and grit-covered cars. To the core,  animal carcasses were laid on the tables. Moreover, “TRUMP 2024 The Revenge Tour”, was written on the flags.
The role players were Muslims and Arab fighters. The situation went bad by the Gamer’s Tweet.
A recent press event for Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 highlighted just how casual American culture is about violence towards Arab people.
— TheGamer (@thegamerwebsite) June 23, 2021
We were deeply disturbed to read this @EpicSwitzer. Please see our response below.
— CI Games (@CIGamesOfficial) June 24, 2021

Sniper Ghost Warrior Remains as a Mystery:

An Apology was given by the CI games after the tweet. The Apology includes that the team was deeply disturbed. They asked their apologies to the Switzer. The Incredibles team was asked to show the Navy Seal experience and it went the wrong way.
The CI games said that the event was against their organizational policy. They had previously informed the Incredibles team to not disturb any cultural feelings. CI games were not present at the event and this leads to much trouble. The statement has the frim apology for all of them who got offended.
The mystery part is that CI games did not avoid or cancel the Incredible adventures even after all this. This troubles many of the reporters. Many were invented for the event and then they got canceled by the CI. All these things remain suspicious after the event. Hope all these will be given a proper explanation by the CI team.

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