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Emily Blunt Wants Her Daughters To Be ‘oblivious’ About Their Parents’ Fame; Here’s Why

Emily Blunt
Yahoo News India

Emily Blunt Updates: Emily Blunt, a Hollywood actress, reveals that her children are not interested in what her mommy does! Emily is a 38-year-old mother who shares two daughters, Violet and Hazel, with her husband John Krasinski.

In an interview, she mentioned that her daughters are usually disinterested in her career and what she does as an actress. But with her newest project ‘Jungle Cruise’ it is not the case. Her daughters are loving the trailer so much and she mentioned that they are like “Mommy once More”, and they are going crazy over the trailer.

Emily is a bit surprised by getting this reaction from her daughters. Jungle Cruise is an upcoming Disney film in which Emily Blunt co-stars with Dwayne Johnson.

Emily mentioned that Violet and Hazel have watched the trailer multiple times and they want to continue doing the same. Her daughters are loving the jaguar, DJ (Dwayne Johnson), and the overall theme of the movie.

What Emily Blunt Shared?

Emily Blunt
Yahoo News India

Emily once shared that her daughters are unaware of her popularity and she likes to maintain the same. She feels strange to disclose her popularity to her daughters. One day she came across Hazel asking her whether she was famous?

Emily knew that Hazel heard that from her school, but she asked who told that to her. But Hazel didn’t divulge more into the conversation. Emily doesn’t want her daughters to feel any more important or special among the other kids due to their parent’s popularity.

Emily will be delighted if her daughters grow without knowing their mom’s popularity. Emily shared that her daughters want her to be just their mom. Emily doesn’t want her daughters to follow her path and she wants them off the stage. Emily’s Jungle Cruise, co-starring Dwayne Johnson, will be released on July 31.