Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Violet, 17 Is Taller Than Her Mother!

The 17-year-old daughter of Jennifer Garner, Violet Affleck, is officially taller than her mother. There are a lot of celebrity kids who are growing up very fastly than expected.

It seems like it was just a few days ago when the news related to their birth came and now they are celebrating their adolescence. Talking about the growth in these celebrity kids then it is generally related to their height and their faces which look a lot like their parents.

And that’s the reason why it is very easy to find their comparison with their parents in terms of their look as well as their profession.

The same recently happened when the actress Jennifer Garner was seen with her daughter Violet Affleck who was recently seen with her 50-year-old celebrity mother.

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Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Violet, 17, Is Officially Taller Than Her Mother!

Jennifer Garner

They were seen nearby the street in Los Angeles on 22 March 2023. The duo of mother and daughter was smiling while having coffee near the side work of the city.

It is more like a sister bonding rather than a mother-daughter because the mother looks too young according to her age and the daughter looks too tall than her mother.

Talking about the look of both then Violet was seen wearing rainy weather dress. She was wearing a black vest over a turtle neck sweater with her signature glasses. She was also seen wearing a black plated skirt while matching it with white socks and keeping her hair open.

And if we talk about the actress Jennifer Garner then she was wearing straight-leg jeans and paired them with a brown blazer. She was wearing a Polo t-shirt and black boots.

They both were seen makeup free for the day while holding some phones in their hand. Violet Affleck is the eldest child of Jennifer Garner with her ex-husband Ben Affleck.

When it comes to the bonding of a 17-year-old daughter with her father then it is incredible. And the same goes for her stepmother, that is, Jennifer Lopez with whom she shares a great bonding as a friend.

It is not the first time Violet was seen incredibly becoming a great fashion creator. There were a lot of times when she got spotted with her father in the same great fashion Avatar as the time she was seen with her mother.