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Alexandra Daddario on the ‘Harry Potter’ Pressure on ‘Percy Jackson’ & Lessons Learned From Her First Big Blockbuster

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario Updates: By the time Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief rolled around, Alexandra Daddario already had pretty some credit to her name. She had a prolonged run on All My Children and additionally made visitor appearances on shows like Law & Order and Damages. But scoring a lead function in a Chris Columbus-directed studio movie is a totally distinct ballgame, a venture with the energy to jumpstart a profession in a massive manner and preserve the ones credit coming.

The aspect is though, that the first Percy Jackson film additionally had quite a few strains on it to stay as much as Harry Potter standards.

The fulfillment of the Harry Potter movie franchise became in large part responsible for growing a younger person ee-ebook-to-movie model frenzy in Hollywood. The Twilight films strengthened it after which The Hunger Games amplified it even further. But in relation to Percy Jackson in particular, the Harry Potter blueprint is the nearest match.

The 2010 launch featured a collection of growing younger stars along with a few very recognizable enterprise veterans together with Uma Thurman, Sean Bean, and Pierce Brosnan. Plus, The Lightning Thief became designed to spark a blockbuster franchise.

Alexandra Daddario in Percy JacksonImage thru twentieth Century Fox

Yes, it’s a superb opportunity, however, that’s additionally given to be an entire lot of strain for a person making her first massive studio film. While on Collider Ladies Night selling her new HBO series, The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario took a second to appear at the Percy Jackson show and her expectations for the movie. Here’s what she stated whilst requested if she may want to experience the Harry Potter strain whilst making the film:

“I cherished Harry Potter and I knew that it becomes structurally similar, however to me, at that time, after I become solid in it I become 22. To me, it becomes simply like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m gonna cross do a film!’ Now I’m older and I’ve been insufficient movies and long gone thru a group of press cycles and all of that stuff, so I actually have greater of a feel of ways essential that is or that is, or if a film’s gonna paintings or now no longer paintings. But on the time, it becomes simply like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in a film.’ So I didn’t reflect on the strain of something.

Alexandra Daddario

I didn’t sincerely recognize what was going to occur from that film or the idea of monitoring or budgets or the first-weekend container office. That becomes all stuff I found out thru it, so any strain I felt becomes only a strain to do an amazing process.

I simply desired to do an amazing process and to have fun, and that become the strain that I become set on myself. I wasn’t questioning approximately, ‘Is this too much like Harry Potter,’ or, ‘Is this gonna be a painting,’ or something like that.”

With age, however, comes greater enterprise enjoyment and know-how. “I do have greater understanding and know-how of monitoring and the way matters are gonna be painted,” Daddario noted. “You simply in no way realize what’s gonna occur, so I simply attempt to do the pleasant I can in anything I pick out to do and that’s it.” She persevered through explaining how she manages excessive expectancies in Hollywood:

“One of the matters that my studies have taught me is which you can’t sincerely place too many expectancies. You’ll pressure yourself like crazy. Sometimes you realize, ‘Oh, this film isn’t gonna paintings,’ or, ‘This film’s gonna do this,’ and I’m k with that. But the largest successes I’ve had in my profession, I did now no longer anticipate or they had been absolutely out of the blue.

And the largest jobs I’ve booked, I had no idea that I become gonna ee-ebook them. So I’ve attempted to keep my sanity or anything my standpoint on lifestyles is, I strive now no longer to position too many expectancies on matters.”

In addition to reserving initiatives and hoping they’re successful, every other principal aspect of the moviemaking gadget is marketing, and it could be significant — specifically on a film as massive as Percy Jackson, which takes place to be one of the first actual studio film junkets I ever covered.

Having found out pretty a chunk approximately carrying out interviews since I requested Daddario for the suggestions she’s picked up alongside the manner. If she may want to cross return to that junket, what recommendation might she provide herself approximately taking a component withinside the blockbuster press cycle? Here’s what she instructed me:

“That you don’t have to be perfect. I realize they dispatched us to media schooling on that movie. We had all been very young and I had 0 enjoyment. I become very involved approximately selling matters in the proper manner and announcing the proper matters.

You realize I have become younger, too. You simply get older – I’m greater now like, ‘Okay, simply be yourself.’ I nevertheless get anxious and need to mention the proper matters and now no longer say something stupid, however, I simply might be like, ‘Relax.’ But that’s real of any younger person! I might have long gone back in time in each state of affairs and been like, ‘Chill out. It’s k.’ But there’s something approximately setting that strain on yourself that’s like, you need to to be able to grow.”