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Harry Potter: Do You Know These Differences Between Books And Films?

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Updates: “Harry Potter” was an incredible success both as a book and as a film. But do you know these 12 differences between the film adaptation and the book?

“Harry Potter” fans are probably familiar with both the lightning-scarred books and the hugely successful Harry Potter film series.

For example, film viewers sometimes don’t get to know some characters that book readers have come to love most. We provide you with 12 differences between the “Harry Potter” films and the books.

The “Marauder’s Map” plays a central role in the third part of the “Harry Potter” series. After all, the enchanted location map of Hogwarts reveals Peter Pettigrew’s identity.

In the film, we learn that Moony, Wormtail, Paw, and Crown are the originators of this extremely practical magical object, but the real identity is not explicitly addressed in the film. The audience has to somehow figure out that it is actually Remus Lupine, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter.

It is a key storyline of the book that all Marauders except Lupine are unregistered Animagi. He explains how Sirius escaped from Azkaban in the first place and how Peter Pettigrew lived hidden with the Weasleys for years.
Two tasks are missing in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

In the finale of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” Harry, Ron and Hermione had to test their cohesion and prove their individual strengths. Five teachers protect the philosopher’s stone with five dangerous tests.

The trio in the film puts the three-headed dog Fluffy to sleep, fights the insidious devil’s snare (Professor Sprout’s test), chases an enchanted key on a broom (Professor Flitwick’s test), and plays a gigantic version of wizarding chess (Professor McGonagall’s test). Harry finally finds the Philosopher’s Stone through the mirror Nerhegeb (Professor Dumbledore’s exam).

Even if there are quite a few tasks to finally prevent Professor Quirrell and Voldemort from stealing the immortalizing stone, the author Joanne K. Rowling was not enough.

There are two other exams in the book. The background was that Rowling wanted to come up with the magical number 7, which runs through the entire Harry Potter universe.

So the assignments of Professor Snape and Professor Quirrell were missing. Especially when it comes to Snape’s assignment, Hermione can shine in the books. She has to solve a logic puzzle and choose from a series of potions the two that can bring Harry forward and bring her back.

Quirrell’s Trial is a battle against a troll. Since Harry, Ron, and Hermione have already fought a troll in the girls’ bathroom, Rowling also shortened this passage. Since Quirrell already went through the tasks before Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the troll is already defeated and they can simply step over him.

Harry Potter: Peeves, the poltergeist

Harry Potter
Screen Rant

Book readers miss a very special tormentor in the Harry Potter films: Peeves, the Poltergeist! While the house ghosts have all been introduced, the filmmakers decided to keep quiet about troublemaker # 1.

Peeves are known in the books for making life difficult, especially Janitor Filch. But he also has no respect for students or other ghosts. Only the Bloody Baron, the Slytherin household ghost, can put a stop to the poltergeist.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, there was even a performer for Peeves, namely Rik Mayall. But the scenes that had already been filmed were discarded and the ghost was deleted from the film adaptations. Rik Mayall himself didn’t seem to mind. He thought the film was bad and was happy about the fee that was paid anyway.

The house-Elves

Harry Potter
Wizarding World

In Part 2, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, we get to know Dobby, the house-elf. From then on we encounter the involuntary servants of the magicians again and again in the books, but their role in the films is not particularly prominent.

This is how we get to know the grumpy Kreacher, but Winky, the Crouch’s house-elf, is not mentioned any further, although she plays an important role in Part 4.

Hermione even founds the Bund für Elfenrechte and is committed to ensuring that elves lose their slave status. In addition, she distributes self-knitted hats all over Hogwarts. Because as soon as a house-elf is given the right clothes, he is released.

Hermione tries to get the house-elves paid for their work, get a vacation, and generally have better working conditions.

While Dobby is thriving as a free elf, other house-elves like Winky have trouble getting used to a new life and don’t even want to. This storyline was completely deleted from the films.

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