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Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who along with showrunner, says BBC

Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Updates: British Film Academy Award nominee Judy Whitaker announced that she will end her career as a Doctor Who in 2022 and will premiere the full version next fall. The doctor travels through the past on a ship called the TARDIS. Using the British police cabin as a model, he will accompany various companions and face various enemies to save civilization.

I have seen various actors come and go about the Doctor Who, starting with William Hartnell, most fans point to the tenth Dr. David Tennant, the eleventh Dr. Matt Smith, and The ninth doctor Christopher Ecclestone as their favorite.

2017 was a year of fan controversy, but when she became the first actress to play Ph.D., it was groundbreaking for the franchise, but after two popular seasons for the actress, her era seemed It’s getting closer and closer. It’s over.

As the season 13 premiere has not yet been confirmed, Doctor Who’s official website announced that Whitaker will leave the role with host Chris Chibnoll in 2022.

This version is scheduled to be released next year, and the third Whittaker serves as the long-term final version of the thirteenth Ph.D. Whitaker wrote in a statement about his departure:

Why Jodie Whittaker is leaving Doctor Who?

Doctor Who
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“In 2017, I opened my beautiful gift box with size 13 shoes. I don’t know what wonderful adventures and worlds I will see in it. And miracles. My heart is full of love for this show, the team that made it, the fans who watched it, and the things it brings to my life. I am very grateful to Chris for sharing his wonderful story with me.

We know that we want to ride the wind and waves side by side and pass the baton together, so we are here, and a few weeks ago we were able to do the best job I have ever done. Express what this role gives me. I will always take the doctor and the lessons I learned. I know that change can be daunting, and we don’t know what will happen. So let’s keep looking. Travel with happiness. The universe will surprise you. them. Constant”.

Although fans still disagree about Whitaker’s career as the thirteenth Doctor, and some even call for Doctor Who to complete his work in the near future, many people are still very much in the final years of the game. Positive. His departure from the sci-fi series will definitely upset those who fell in love with the last doctor, but there are also some bright spots.

Not only will there be a new season later this year, Whitaker will continue to play the Doctor, and he will also have the opportunity to complete three new special shows at once next year.

Given that some of the actors who played Doctor before have never had the opportunity to say goodbye to their version of the role, Whitaker’s confirmation of the last few chapters should reassure some Doctor Who fans who are interested in this role. The next season is scheduled to premiere later this year, so the time to wait for the return of the full-length sci-fi series is almost over.