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Old Grand Theft Auto Mods Being Purged By Take-Two With DMCA Takedowns

Grand Theft Auto
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Grand Theft Auto Updates: Grand Theft Auto, nicked named as GTA, is considered the most successful gaming franchise and it has been keeping up its work since 1997. GTA games are popular for their diverse gameplay and storytelling. GTA has changed the way we play the role-playing game.

Not only the updates provided by the developers but also the mods created by the talented programmers are also a reason for the GTA franchise to run successfully for nearly 35 years.

Recently Take-Two, the publisher of the game, has been taking down the mods developed for the GTA game with DMCA takedowns. Some mods that have been taken down are dated as far back as 2005. GTA rediscovered the gaming experience with its vivid open-world concept. Since the inception of the GTA, the major controversy faced by the game has been the “murder simulator”. But these controversies have never been a hindrance to the game, as it was flourishing all along the way.

Shutting down the mod developers is not new to GTA publishers. In 2017, they forced OpenIV, a major modding community for GTA, to shut down completely. This disappointed the fans very much and they went against the publishers for their actions. The agitation among the fans forced the publishers to roll back on their decision and they drafted few rules for the modders. The rules were modified in two years targeting the major mod creators of the game series.

Old Grand Theft Auto Mods

Grand Theft Auto

GTA publisher Take-Two, once again, shutting down the mods is disappointing the fans as they are expecting the mod support for the long-awaited GTA 6. The news surfaced on the internet on July 17 (via Kotaku) reporting that GTA publishers are shutting down the mods. A post from Ash_735 has detailed the full process of these takedowns with theories and possibilities. ModDB, one of the active mod communities for GTA has reported that a mod created back in 2005 for GTA: Vice City is also taken down. Take-Two is still silent on this issue and there may be a valid reason behind their actions.

Silent is another modding community that is speaking out about GTA publisher’s actions.

They stated that “…now someone either in Rockstar or Take-Two decided that they don’t need modding anymore and are successively weeding it out, and no one knows how far they are going to take this. I’ve been modding these games since 2008, but this might be time to go.”

Although the modding communities are aware of Take-Two’s hatred of their works, they never expected that they go as far as taking down the mods released 17 years ago. Some suggest that older GTA games are set to remaster and publishers are cleaning the slate for the reintroduction of the older games.

Whatever may be the reason, Take-Two’s harsh attitude towards the modding community is not good for the GTA franchise as most of the successful games still rely on mods for their sustainability.