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World Of Warcraft Removing Inappropriate References Following Lawsuit [UPDATED]

World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft Updates: Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick made a public statement about these allegations approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes before this article was published, and the statement has been updated to reflect Kotick’s testimony.

The official World of Warcraft Twitter account released a statement today highlighting the team’s new commitment to remove inappropriate content from World of Warcraft Classic and Shadow Nation after World of Warcraft and social media publishers oppose it Protested allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. …

A recent lawsuit in California detailing Activision Blizzard’s years of investigations into the workplace found that corporate culture discriminates against women and marginalized groups in general, including wage inequality, wrongdoing, and blatant abuse, and the official statement fell silent and the management’s leaked response sparked further criticism from many fans. An open letter was signed by Activision Blizzard staff to support this statement.

The World of Warcraft Twitter account is Activision Blizzard’s first contribution to the lawsuit. Today’s tweet indicates that the development team will be “in the next few days” removing “links that are not suitable for our world” from “World of Warcraft: the Kingdom of Shadows” and “World of Warcraft”.

World Of Warcraft References

World Of Warcraft
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In addition to these allegations, fans also criticized the mention of former creative director Alex Afrasiabi (Alex Afrasiabi) in World of Warcraft who was allegedly involved in “blatant sexual harassment, but with little or no consequence”. It is unclear whether the actions of the World of Warcraft team will result in the removal of this particular link.

Following the announcement of the lawsuit, Activision Blizzard issued a statement alleging that the lawsuit contained “biases and, in many cases, misrepresentations of Blizzard’s past” and that the company “made significant changes to its corporate culture. It reflects our leadership.

The greatest diversity of the team. ”The statement did not confirm that any of the allegations in the lawsuit were true, it simply said,“ If there are any irregularities, steps will be taken to resolve the problem. ”Then Bobby Activision, Blizzard- told CEO Kotick told Warcraft that the global team had sent an open letter to employees saying, “Our initial response to common challenges and your concerns are downright numb.” In the company and its games.

If your team’s goal is to restore confidence in the World of Warcraft community, you may need to be more direct and transparent. Neither the Wow team nor the Kotick team has confirmed that certain items have been removed from World of Warcraft when it is believed Afrasiabi is mentioned.

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