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Emma Stone Comedy Easy A Sequel in the Works

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Emma Stone Updates: Over 10 years after the premiere of the blockbuster comedy Easy A, a sequel appears to be in the works, or at the very least in the early stages of development. Aly Michalka, who also happens to be part of the music duo Aly & AJ, confirmed that a sequel is in the works, adding, “There are talks that there may be a sequel.” That is, in fact, semi-real… It would be like a new retelling, but with some of the old characters reappearing.”

Michalka’s disclosure coincides with a recent rumor that Bert Royal, the original film’s screenwriter, had been chosen to write and direct a sequel. Variety first reported on this in 2019, but there had been no more updates on the project until Michalka’s announcement.

The film would be “set at the same high school and will explore many of the same themes as the original,” according to reports at the time, but the cast was not expected to return for the sequel. It’s unclear whether the spin-off and the upcoming film Michalka is promoting are the same things.

“It’s been quite a while since I wrote that film! “When the movie came out, the phrase ‘slut-shaming’ didn’t even exist, and people were hardly texting,” Royal told when the spinoff was announced in 2019. “Now, we live in a totally new world where people are much more open, and things that were forbidden even ten years ago are no longer taboo. There’s a lot of interesting stuff to discover.”

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The publication went on to say that the new film will center on Chip Penderghast, Emma Stone’s younger (and adoptive) brother (played by Bryce Clyde Jenkins in the original film).

The first Easy A was based on The Scarlet Letter and was a parody of it, while the new film will allegedly be based on “a popular piece of literature, but this one isn’t a novel,” according to Royal, who hinted in 2019: “It’s going to be crazy.”

At this point, there are no details on when this movie would start shooting or where it might end up, but it appears to be the type of picture that would be perfect for a premiere streaming title. The original picture, which was released in 2010, grossed over $75 million worldwide on an estimated budget of $8 million.