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Black Widow Yelena: Kevin Feige Teases Her Infinity War Fate and More

Black Widow

Black Widow Updates: Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, doesn’t just come out and reveal his company’s secrets every day. But it happened on Monday night during a Twitter watch party for Black Widow. Feige was online during the event, sharing tales, shoutouts, and answering fan questions about the film—questions that sparked a lot of conjecture about what the characters may do next.

The head of Marvel Studios came to Twitter to answer (and tease) a few pressing topics.

The first concerns the possibility that Thanos dusted Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) during Infinity War. (Don’t forget that Black Widow occurs before the event.)

Kevin, how are you going to tease us like that? To predict, given the likelihood that Yelena will next appear in the Hawkeye TV show (due to Black Widow’s end credits scene), her Thanos story will likely play a role. Or perhaps not.

The retcon of Natasha wearing the vest Yelena gave her in Black Widow in Infinity War is one of Black Widow’s finer connections. The notion for the link was conceived early on, according to Feige.

The ramblings of Red Guardian are one of the best through lines in Black Widow (David Harbour). He talks about all of his fights with Captain America and how it was a big deal to have a Russian hero fighting a US hero. We haven’t seen it yet, but Kevin Feige says he likes the notion of Anthony Mackie’s Captain America facing up against the Guardian.

Black Widow Revealed Yelena’s Fate

Black Widow

Sam Wilson, on the other hand, does not become Captain America until after Black Widow. Isn’t it true that Steve Rogers was on the ice from the 1940s through the 2000s? This is something that Feige correctly emphasizes…

This raises the question of who Red Guardian was fighting. Was he in a fight with someone? Consider The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which came out just a few months ago. During some of the year’s Guardian was discussing, Isaiah Bradley was fighting as an American-sanctioned supersoldier.

Furthermore, his existence shows that other soldiers may have been subjected to experiments. That appears to be a story we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Feige wrapped things off by talking about Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the film’s end credits sequence. This was planned to be her first appearance as the role, but due to the epidemic, she had to wait until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Despite this, Feige implies that she’ll be back, even making a joke about a Loki link.