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Chris Hemsworth Surprises KFC Staff with Massive Food Order

Chris Hemsworth
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Chris Hemsworth Updates: When Thor actor Chris Hemsworth stopped by for a large order of food through the drive-thru at a KFC restaurant in New South Wales, Australia, the staff were in for a big surprise.

Hemsworth, who has played Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since2011, recently concluded filming on Thor: Love and Thunder. In addition, he is gearing ready to play WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan in a Netflix biopic.

As the KFC staff just discovered, enlarging his muscles to the size of Hogan’s has entailed putting a lot more food into his body. Hemsworth reportedly drove through the drive-thru on an otherwise usual day at work, ordering 15 original chicken pieces, a regular size Singer combination, and four ordinary popcorn chicken meals for a total of $72.25. Hemsworth took a photo with the KFC team before leaving, which has gone viral on social media.

Hemsworth has a habit of picking up large orders in public, much to the amazement of the employees. According to LadBible, he went to Chargrill Charlie’s a few months ago with his personal trainer Luke Zocchi and ordered a Chicken Roll, a Whole BBQ Chicken, medium chips, and one huge Rocket Man salad.

What Chris Hemsworth Shared about the Surprise?

Chris Hemsworth

In a statement, Chargrill Charlie’s co-owner Ryan Sher acknowledged the Hemsworth sighting at the restaurant.”Welcoming Chris and Luke into our Woollahra store was a delight,” Sher remarked. “They were extremely nice and very good with our personnel, taking photos with them. It definitely brightened our day.”

What’s managed to make Hemsworth so hungry these days is the fact that he’s been working really hard for several months to make his body bigger than it’s ever been. He’s posted images of his training sessions on Instagram, revealing that his biceps have grown to be huge.

When Thor: Love and Thunder was wrapped, another shot of Hemsworth was released online, and fans were shocked to discover how big his muscles had grown.

Hemsworth is gearing up for a Netflix biopic called Hulkamania, in which he will play Hulk Hogan. Todd Phillips, the director of The Joker, has been signed to direct the film. Hulk Hogan has given him OK to Hemsworth’s portrayal of him, stating that the WWE Hall of Famer is thrilled with Hemsworth’s biceps.

Netflix is yet to announce a release date for the Hulkamania film. Thor: Love and Thunder, on the other hand, is set to hit theatres on May 6, 2022.