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Ruby Rose finally reveals the real reason that she quit The CW’s Batwoman

Ruby Rose
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Ruby Rose Updates: Ruby Rose played the character of Batwoman in CW’s Batwoman series for the first season. Eventually, she quit the series in the second season and the real reason behind it is revealed. CW’s Batwoman is a successful series that tells the story of woman vigilante Batwoman and Ruby was featured as Batwoman. But last year she announced that she was quitting the series and it made the big topic of discussion among the fans.

After a year Ruby Rose revealed the real reason for her decision while speaking to The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday.

She revealed that the Latex suit she had to wear forced her to quit the series. The 35-year-old actress found that she was allergic to latex only after she wore the latex suit in the Batwoman series.

She wore the same Latex material for the mask also. At first, it was itchy to her and it became worse when she started to use it constantly. She said that with more contact of her skin with Latex she got more reactions. After the shoot, she took the mask off her face and her face was covered with hives.

Ruby Rose: ‘It was getting worse and worse’

Ruby Rose
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Currently, British actress Wallis Day is cast for the role of Batwoman in the series. Wallis seems very much excited about joining the cast of Batwoman and she posted her excitement on the Instagram page. She felt very happy and incredible to be a part of the show.

She mentioned that it was a huge responsibility for her to step into the shoes of a character that was already being established. She also told that everyone welcomed her and it was amazing for Wallis to be back with her DC family.

The first season of the series shows Kate becoming the Vigilante Batwoman in Gotham city. Later the character ended the season presumed dead, after a plane crash. In the second season, Javicia Leslie ended up playing the Batwoman character after her character Ryan Wilder found the suit in the wreckage of the plane crash.

Ruby revealed her decision of leaving the series in October 2020 to Sirius XM’s The Jess Cagle Show. The previous September Ruby underwent surgery after herniating two discs while performing stunts. She felt that this was right to be relieved from the Batwoman series. She was very particular that the decision was not to be taken lightly and she has the utmost respect for the cast and crew of the Batwoman series.