Superman Greatest Enemy Has Transformed Into Something New


Superman Updates: The #1032 issue of Action Comics has given us a pathway to a huge mystery and if you haven’t read the issue yet there are some major facts coming your way. This issue focuses on the Superman family and Aqua man fending off against various enemies all while Superman gets to know some lost facts about his race.

At the beginning of the issue, the Superman family comes across several Warzoon crafts from Warworld out of which one ship contained long-lost Kryptonian refugees who are now rescued by the team.

One girl in particular interests Superman as she happens to be using a very ancient Kryptonian language but as we come to know a few moments later, the girl named Thao La belonged to a niche science society of Krypton named Phaelosians.

Superman Greatest Enemy


This girl’s society was shunned and hence they had no other option but to leave Krypton and faced a tragic fate when they were captured by the previous Mongol and taken to the Warworld.

Contrary to others’ opinions she believed that Superman would save them but he never showed but here they are now with him after a supposed escape. This makes us question has Mongul gone soft or did he just slip up in his security? But what if this isn’t the same Mongol we have familiarized ourselves with.

This theory is confirmed by Thao La herself, when talking with Superman something about the way she speaks of Mongul ticks him off and gets him thinking because as far as he knows Mongul is no more but surprise surprise!

Thao La speaks of Mongul in an unorthodox way referring to him as the ‘Mongol-who-is’ and ‘Mongol-who-was’. Superman takes this in a literal sense thinking that the old Mongol is dead and they answer to a new leader but with the Warworld still moving, he begins to consider that Mongul isn’t really dead but has somehow evolved.

Even though this theory of his isn’t entirely impossible what further throws his theory off the track is when the captured Warzoons act as if their leader is now somehow more ruthless and fearful. This situation is definitely not in favor of Superman because even if he has fought Mongul, how is he to fight this new enemy who poses an even greater threat?

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